Sándor Körei


Sándor Körei was born in Mór in 1995, he currently lives and works in Budapest. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2021 as a sculptor, in the same year he won the Tamás Vígh Prize, and in 2022, he was awarded the Derkovits Scholarship. His works revisit and reinterpret the still life genre from a contemporary sculptural perspective. Arranging freshly cut flowers and vases in a regular structure in glass containers, he not only recreates the strict composition of still life painting in sculptural space, but also reflects on the dual nature of floral still lives – behind the beauty of the vibrant, colorful plants, there is always the idea of withering, of passing away. In the interiors of the glass boxes, it is perhaps not the precisely worked out formal regularities that are the most powerful force, but the time itself to which the artist gives the works over at the moment of the sculpture’s closure. In 2023, Körei won the Káli-Art Inn Prize, therefore his work can be found in the open-air Káli-Art Park.