Lucio Cathexis


Lucio Cathexis was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina (1990). In 2016, he received the diploma of teacher of visual arts from the Institute ISFA Manuel Belgrano, enabling him to teach in institutions of formal education. During his academic career, he experimented and expanded his artistic language in different disciplines such as painting, drawing, engraving, and sculpture. He currently lives in the city of Berlin where he continues to explore and produce his works.

His works approach space through simple geometric forms, which are characterized by a balance of geometric and organic layers.
In his paintings, he uses an intuitive use of mathematics and geometry, focusing on phenomena like expanding- unfolding symmetry, parallel mirrors, or fractured spaces.

“I investigate how we perceive reality; I am looking to find the balance between contradictions in order to understand how we construct what we consider real. The goal of my work is to know both sides of the coin and find equilibrium in order to experience unification.” – Lucio Cathexis